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    Matte Black Beer Tap meets US Beer Industry Standards 3/8" - 16 UNC and is made from a Genuine Demilitarized 50 Caliber BMG once-fired real bullet. The 50 Cal BMG (Browning machine gun) is best known for its use in the U.S. Military’s heavy machine guns. Due to its high power, it’s also used as a sniper-round and for disabling lightly-armored vehicles.

    All 50 Caliber Bullet Items come with a velvet keepsake bag, care card, and a Certificate of Authenticity.  

    Although our products do not contain any active gunpowder or primers making them 100% safe for use, they resemble live ammunition; therefore, we do not recommend bringing them to locations where live ammunition is not permitted. Not recommended for use by children 12 years and younger. Because our Shell Casings and Projectiles are made from a once-fired US Military round, they may contain minor blemishes or scratches that are consistent with their history.


    Lucky Shot USA® High Caliber. Handcrafted. We are committed to giving munitions a second chance!